Created in 1978, BEAUPERE's company has more than 20 years of experience in dimensional metrology.
The company is specialised in the manufacture of a measurement table by comparison which is sold under the trademark COME®. This range of products is mainly represented by 3 models :
COME 0-160
COME 0-160 JS
COME 0-350
which are sold worldwide, 65 % of the sales of this division are abroad (exports).
The development of these gauges allows us for the ten past years to create many close links with numerous ID and OD gauges, hand gauges manufacturers, mainly europeans. These manufacturers are resellers too for our appliance in their respective countries.
These close links allow us to offer our customers a selected range with the COME trademark : dial indicators(electronic or mechanical), micrometers, magnetic bases, calipers, slip gauges, high precision mechanical gauges, and so on with particularly attractive price terms.

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